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Wild Thang Songtext

Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun
Wild Thang

Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go (2x)

Praisin? the lord and faith no more
Can't back to what I saw
Ran and call and catch the night
You got back without light
And I come in a bad mood
Till you do a better loop, man
Count back to the right thang

Wild thang - you make my heart sing
You make everything
So wild thang

Wild thang, baby, I see you on the street
Long, long legs
Yeah, right upon your feet
Nice face and nice gound ass
Yeah baby you're first class
I wanna take you
Out to place tonight
What? You don't know it? That's all right
It's out there somewhere in the air
Now get your stuff together
?Cause I'll take you there


Rydio, rydio, rydio, rydio, rydio
Kickin? in your face
If call me Heidi
When I climb the mountain so high
Left hand a martini dry
Count back to the red neck
With chain on little nack
Right wild yo, go the wild thang's tain
Right you, you're female


Wild thang, baby you're so fine
I gonna love you
Wanna make you mine
Win and sign you
And then I climb you
That's good - yeah the way it should
Stretch your body
That's the mission
We'll do it in any position
Up and down
Yeah, let's jam
Wham bam thank you Ma?am

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Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun - Wild Thang
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