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Ms. Rached Songtext

Welcome from the jail to the psychiatry
Mr. Ed says howdy, how do ya feel
Manic, maniac, neurotic, shizophreniac
Pills distribution for the crazy pack
Jeffrey and charly on reception
Saying hallo, no reaction
Why are you here, have been busy with a sheep
Hey lots are doin that, no reason to gently weep
I'm just a psycho with my psychadelic lightshow
Blinking flashing rays, that make the night glow
I don't need drugs, I got no use for LSD
My halluzinations are coming in for free
We're having staightjackets, designed by versace
Dressed up like gianni, va bene ragazzi
Haute cuisine, these froglegs are a dream
Merde, Ms. Radched is on the scene

Ooh Ms. Radched
Time is gonna come you gonna catch it

I like my cockroaches crunchy being served with mayonnaise
Or else i'm shooting half a dozen boogers in your face
I never feel no fear, I guess that's why i'm here
Acting like a nymphomatic nunny on beer
It's headbanging hour, together in the shower
We are banging our heads, bangbang, full of power
Doc, I wanna doc, to give electric shock
20 000 volts high - but what the fuck k k
Hey mr. Cheswick you wicked little addict
I want my cigarettes, my cigarettes Ms Radched
I'm Mr. Martini and I look like ad rock
I'm smiling all day and i'm scratching my cock
I'm billy bibbit and candy is the one
I want it, I need it, I get it and i'm done
Like relativitytheory says: sex is fun
And the moral of it all: I'm no longer mummies son

Mc murphy, the irish butt in this house of pain
He's jumping around - insane in the brain
Let's have a game of psychoball, weirdos vs. nurses
Standing on the court, everyboy is nervous
Bancini where you goin, there's the big indian chief
Pass! Pass! There is the beef !
Seefeldt to Tabor, tabor to Billy Bibbitt
The chief did the dunk! He did it, he did it!
We wanna see the game, we wanna see the game
We'll be pissing in your stereo, you know we are insane
The rebellion's for the rights of the mentally ill
You may say that we are nuts, but we got our own will
Together on the bus - boy is this great!
So don't wait - whereever we are going don't hesitate
Rolling rolling rolling raw hye
Good bye Ms. Radched bye bye

Ooh Ms. Radched ...
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Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun - Ms. Rached
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