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Standing in the yard in a cloud of bad smell
My last shower is a long time ago, I can you tell, well
I don't like no fragrance or flowerfull soap
My stinky sneakers turn me on more than california dope
My flat looks like the one from wicked Fanman
Collecting garbage, Shirleys picks, boogers and old cans
My hobby is watching how the mould is gonna grow
That's how i'm living baby and we need nonono

Deo, I gonna lick you baby
What's on my mind

I'm making my own pinups out of cigarette buts
Just like Beck's uncle with an extra portion mud
In my old pizzapacks originates new life
The cockroaches, they think it's the best place to survive
I like it when you're putting on your hot and strict aroma
When normal people smell it, they will fall into a coma
You and me , our stench, i'm sayin' so
We are the couple of the year and we need no no no no

Deo, I gonna ......

My old socks are a better weapon than the agent orange
They're the only pieces of cloth that I never ever change
To eleminate my odour takes a barrel C.K. One
When I enter public places I put people on the run
When i'm scratching my head the daindruffs coming down like snow
My breath is really icky, you'll be fainting when I blow
I remember back in school they called me air pollution
In discussion loud pooping is my only contribution

I'm dressing up like Rasputin
Like everyday was Halloween
Got yellow teeth from nicotin
It's no use to keep em clean
Driving like Jimmi Dean
Smelling like a Drag-queen
Living in the cannery row
No we really need no no no no

Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Yeliz Koc ist immer noch Single
Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun - Deo
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