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Ricky Shayne Songtext

I say hello to the show, i'm getting ready to go
Stick my face into the mirror, spraying glue into my afro
Yupppy poopy dooby doo, see i'got polish on my shoe
I tie my rag around my neck, so everybody goes oooooh
I grap a hold of my guitar, it was a gift to barmizwa
My heart is in my tighty pants, take a bottle here's to you my fans
Excuse me Mr. Shayne, 10 more minutes to go
So i'm walking down the hallway, hear the screaming of the crowd yo

Shayne Ricky Ricky Shayne
I see you later

On air in Disco 73 , the light is out spot on me
Look this chick with this glammering braces, can use em as snowchain in the races
Roaring like a lion, flowers flying
Roddi is trying to go lower than me, do you think he's sexy
Sure Roddy-boy below your knee
My eyes so blue as mammy, my tricky dance so slammy
Make young Roma fall in trance, she dreams of me so whammy
She wants to touch my hairy chest, righty babe you can get the rest
Like every girl in world wants to
Here's slicky Ricky who's given it to you

Shayne .....

The neighbourchick of teen Big H
Drove him in a serious rage
All day long it's the Mammy Blue
Sings along in a wrong way too
At night he's up for burglary
Steals the single to make him free
Melting it down until it's done
Surprise next day she got another one

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