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Go Gonna Do It Songtext

Well fellows, this will be my day, cause now I gonna do it on my very own way
First thing that I need on my road to success, is just a little luck and a real cool dress
At the corpulent cowboy, where homer used to buy too
I got my snake boots and my shiny glitter suite
So here is my stuff, makes me really look tough, I wanna be a shooting star
Who do you think you are

Go gonna do it, go gonna do it, go gonna do it, go gonna do it and do it around
Now i'm looking very well and I 'm ready to compete
On the shooting championship, I hear the marchingbeat
Contest is up, the eagle on the pole
Beer is 20 cent and it's easily sold
Jupp it 's your turn, he pulls a shoot on the gun
Eagle 's still up, but farmer billie's cow is down
There are 50 more guys messing up on their shot
So watch me, like wyatt earp, i'm kicking birdies butt

Go gonna do it....
I got a good feeling, so I do it

Now I am the king and you are my queen
The prettiest couple that's ever been seen
We're marching to the tent to get up on our throne
And i'm screaming: all my people, take a look on my bone!

Go gonna do it............
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Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun - Go Gonna Do It
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