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Crimson Red Songtext

--Indigo - Tales From The Tain - Crimson Red
(it's british english: eg.:colour IS correct)

I see a battle: A blond man
With much blood about his belt
And a hero-halo around his head.
His brow is full of victories.

Seven hard heroic jewels
Are set in the iris of his eye.
His jaws are settled in a snarl.
He wears a looped red tunic.

A noble countanance I see.
A young man in sweet couloring:
A form dragonish in the fray.
His great valour brings to mind...

I see it crimson, I see it red.
But I see, now, the hole host
Coloured crimson by his hand.

A giant on the plain I see.
Doing battle with the host.
Holding in each of his two hands
Four short quick swords.

I see him hurling against the host
Two gae bolgae and a spear
And an ivory-hilted sword,
Each weapon to its seperate task.

He towers on the battlefield
In breastplate and red cloak.
Across the sinister chariot-wheel
The warped man deals death.
-(that fair form I first beheld
Melted to a mis-shape).

I see him moving to the fray:
Take warning, watch him well,
Cúchulainn, Suladam's Son!
Now I see him in pursuit.
Whole hosts he will destroy.

Making dense massacre.
In thousends you will yield your heads.
I am Fedelm, I hide nothing:

The blood starts from warrior's
Wounds total ruin at his touch:
Your warriors dead, the warriors
Of Dede Mac Sin prowling loose:
Torn corpses, women wailing,
Because of him - The Forge-Hound.

I see it crimson, I see it red.
Coloured crimson by his hand.

--Indigo - Tales From The Tain - Crimson Red
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Indigo - Crimson Red
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