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Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side Songtext

Finally the storm arrives
Our wait is at an end
Under dark winter skies
We make our final stand

For each of us, there are four of them
It matters not to us
We won't leave this field in shame
We are here to crush!

Futile to resist
You know why we have come
Futile to resist
The battle is already won!

Our hearts are full of pounding rage
Our minds hard as steel
Right before the dying day
We will have you down

The stone turns red from all the blood
Severed limbs and heads
A sacrifice to one eyed God
He will claim the dead!

Under the winter skies
We stand glorious!
And with Oden on our side
We are victorious!

No retreat, no remorse
Victory will be ours
Blood on steel, sacrifice
Victory will be ours


Futile to resist!
The battle is won!
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