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Amon Amarth - Coming of the Tide Songtext

Razing????? in celtic lands
A mounted legion under my command
We're a brutal force no man can withstand,
Total havoc is at hand.

See the black [hawks] circle high
Waiting for the men to die,
This is the coming of the tide
When opposition's swept aside

The fateful message reached us???? cold and our home was under siege
And since that day we've been headed north, our kinsmen needed our????
As we near our fortress walls black smoke is rising to the sky,
Burnt black ruins of our father's halls and corpses greet our tired eyes.

What madness led them to attack?
Victory could not be won,
They must have known there was no turning back
And now they are all gone.

Now on [o'er] the ground our???
Their bodies lying where they fell,
Suffering anguish and despair as they went through living hell!

So now we're on the ride again
And vengeance is our new-found [life]
We draw our strength from grief and pain
These bastards shall know our endless wrath
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