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Don't Mug Yourself Songtext

A new day, another morning after
Leanin back on my chair in a greasy spoon cafeteria
Last night was some beer-lairy-ness done our way
But again we′re back in the light of day
Chattin' shit sittin′ at the wall table, telling jokes
Playin' with the salt looking out the window
Girl brings two plates of full English over
With plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomato
Get my phone out, about give this girl a shout
See if she had a nice time last night uptown
Ask if she fancies tryin' it again some time
Then Cal grabs the phone like "oy! Oy! Oy! Oy!"

Hold it down boy, your head′s getting blurred
I know you can′t stop thinking of her
By all means, you can vibe with this girl
But just don't mug yourself, that′s all don't mug yourself

Seriously Mike, you fucker
No! No! No! I mean, I′ll fuckin', I′m no way really tryin'
I mean I'll fuckin′... I can take it or leave it, believe!
And then Calvin′s like "oy!"

You need to hold it down Jack
Put your phone back
Quit starin' into space and eat your snack, that′s that
She'll want you much more for not hangin′ on
Stop me if I'm wrong, stop me if I′m wrong
Why should she be the one who decides
Whether it's off or on, or on, or off or on?
Now the girl's rude, I know she′s rude
But she screwed right through you, you′ll be on your knees soon

And I'm like, honestly it′s not like that
Your actin' like I′m prancin' like a sap, jumpin′ when she claps and that
Oy, do you really think I act whack
Cause I'm telling you I'm servin′ the aces and it′s game, set and match!
Perfectly in control of this goal, I've got the lead role
Won′t be foldin', I′m older than you told, girl sold, high speed's gold
Game over, game over, too cold
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Sasha: Ehrliches Geständnis über seinen Vater
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Tine Wittler vermisst das Fernsehen nicht
The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself
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