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Suzanne Vega - Waiting at the border Songtext

I am sitting in a bunker
In the middle of the desert
I am waiting at the border
For the man to give the order

And the order will come someday
And that day I will not argue

He is threatening the oil fields
So now we threaten him

Gee we're really glad to be here
Haven't seen a beer since August
And the women in this country
Hide their faces and their bodies

And I think 'bout the day

When I was kissing you goodbye
And I'm pretending that I'm holding you
Instead of my M-1

I opened up the paper, there's a story 'bout a country
That's invaded by a madman
I had never even heard of
Now I'm looking through my night scope
And I'm feeling kinda funny
Cause I'm feeling someone watching me
And so I duck my head

There's a sniper 'cross the border
Looking over, does he see me
No he doesn't really see me
Cause it's several thousand meters

And I'm trying not to think about
The price of Desert Storm
Though I know that we will win here
They'll be many people dead

Though the air war may continue
Still Hussein just isn't listening
To the - rain of mass destruction
I am waiting for their choice
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