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Daddy's little girl, but not the one that he knew
Daddy never had a clue of what his little girl would do
A drifter swift to open up and get with ya
A pocket full of dreams, as for my love, forget ya
I never concentrated on the fact that I'm loved
Scheme for scheme and things that would lead me to a pipe
Picture it yes, I'm daddy's little girl
I never asked for nothing now it's a string of pearls
My chances are thin, could I win with substance
A princess with a smile, but my sweetness was sort of grim
I never sought the feeling that I had to be wild
Cause in my mind I was a mature child
But I never hurt daddy, I played the role
On the sneak tip I was massaging the soul

Nikki had to be free, you see I had to be me
Or life just wouldn't flow through correctly
Daddy would always tuck me in bed and kiss me good night
Say Nikki go to sleep tight, then turn out the light
And when daddy goes away on a business trip
I flip lose my grip, party time all shit
I tell the girls split the duty one and go pick up the booze
My other half move your ass and go spread the news
The party went on, lasted all night long
Song after song to the break of dawn
Then watch some nasty porns in the morn
My body got warm from getting nasty with Vaughn
A night so hectic, a bit unexpected
Before I made love I should have been protected
Cause now I'm in a jam with this careless punk
And in about three months my stomach will be plump
Trouble yes, I'm in the hot seat now
Tell my pops? No way, no how
It will break his heart, wreck his whole world
To have to grow up quick daddy's little girl
Neighbors asked could he trust me, yeah daddy loves me
Cause I still feel it in his arms strong when he hugs me
But there comes a time when this angel must spread her wings
So I bow my head and get deep in to the swing of things
Sort of raunchy I must be cause mama knew
Every time I skip school, mama sat home and sang the blues
How I regret the day that daddy let me out to play
But I'm a woman now so let's keep it this way
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