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Late in the Evening Songtext

The first thing I remember,
I was lying in my bed,
I couldn't of been no more than one or two.
And I remember there's a radio,
Comin' from the room next door,
And my mother laughed the way some ladies do,
When it's late in the evening,
And the music's seeping through.

The next thing I remember,
I am walkin' down the street,
I'm feelin' all right,
I'm with my boys,
I'm with my troops, yeah,
And down along the avenue,
Some guys were shootin' pool,
And I heard the sound of acappella groups, yeah,
Singin' late in the evening,
And all the girls out on the stoops, yeah.

Then I learned to play some lead guitar,
I was under age in this funky bar,
And I stepped outside to smoke myself a "J"
And when I come back to the room,
Ev'rybody just seemed to move,
And I turned my amp up loud
And I began to play.
And it was late in the evening,
And I blew that room away.

The first thing I remember,
When you came into my life,
I said, "I'm gonna get that girl no matter what I do."
Well I guess I been in love before,
And once or twive I been on the floor,
But I never loved no one
The way that I love you.
And it was late in the evening,
And all the music seeping through.
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Simon And Garfunkel - Late in the Evening
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