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Harlem Rain Lyrics

The old man down on the corner
Is drowning his pain
I can see the sorrow in his eyes
His tears, they leave a stain
The streets have left him broken
He's in the final phase
It's been a long hard road from his glory days

There's a tattoo of his sweetheart fading on his arm
He talks of painful tragedy
How he lost his lucky charm
His memory is clouded from the thunder in this vein
He's vanishing, vanishing gone
In the Harlem rain

Harlem rain coming down
Another shattered soul in the lost and found
One more night on the street of pain
Getting washed away by the Harlem rain

On desperation avenue the devil takes his toll
Where the pushers and the poverty
Slowly claim your soul
When you reached the realization
That you just can't break the chain, no
You're vanishing, vanishing gone
In the Harlem rain

Harlem Rain

In your search for tender mercy
No one seemed to care
The faith that used to be your crutch
Is now your cross to bear
You lost yourself so long ago
You don't know who to blame
You're vanishing, vanishing gone
Vanishing, vanishing gone
Vanishing, vanishing gone
In the Harlem rain
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