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It's over now you've had your fun
Get up them stairs go on quickly don't run
Take off your shoes the both of you's
And leave them down outside the door
Turn the landing light ... off
No wait leave it on
It might make the night that much easier to be gone
And in the morning who'll be wide awake
And eating snowflakes
Oh as oppossed to those flakes

We will
We will

That afternoon we spent the day
With uncle frank remember and his wife auntie may
Well do you know since then i've received over four
Letters all of which repeat the same
They say thrilled to bits can't believe you came
We've relived it both over time and time again
And if there's ever a chance or even half
You might be our way well would you promise to stay

We will
We will

It's not easy pretending that you cannot hear
Once you've suffered the affliction within
It's no use in an ending to proclaim from the start
That the moral of the story's to begin

On sunday next if the weather holds
We'll have that game
But I bugsy being in goal
Not because i'm good or because I think I should
It's just that well at my age I think standing still
Would really suit my best
Do we all agree
Hands up those who do
Hands up those who I don't see
Well in that case will we please be kind enough
If not on sunday to go to miss on monday

We will
We will

Frobisher Drive - 1987
M/T: Gilbert O'Sullivan
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