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Firefall - Stardust Songtext

Well, I guess you were right about the dream
Ain't it sad things are never what they seem
Like a promise that you make but never mean
A shadow of the things you've never seen

California is sunny all year 'round
Makes it easy to keep on hnagin''round
And you dreams are like a weight
That pulls you down
You got to get you feet back on the ground

Ain't it past time
That you got wise
Get that stardust out of your eyes
Take a look of what you're doin'
What are you thinkin'of
What about all the things you love
Can't you see the damage that you're doin'

All the sweet talk and promises you hear
Keep you hopin' the dream might still appear
But your hopes keep getting fainter every year
And the voices start to whisper in your ear

Firefall "Undertow"
1976 Stephen Stills Music, BMI
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