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House with Two Fakes Songtext

I'm looking through the window of a place that's full of people
And I'm hesitating: should I go in or stay outside
It's been so long since I've tried

I'm counting all the footsteps
That were made by all the strangers
And I wonder if they've ever met the world the way I did
Or maybe even a bit

Help me get through the day, stay for a while
I'll be so thankfull all the way
Ýou don't have to say a thing
Just be by my side
I just couldn't stand another night

I'm looking at a wall that's full of pictures of tomorrow
As she smiles at me she slowly poors herself another drink
She moves her hand through my hair
I'm staring at the ceiling of a house that has two faces
As she softly breathes I'm listening to the bird that starts to sing
I can only think of one thing

I'm standing in the doorway of a condo that I know so well
But still I've got this feeling that I don't belong here now
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