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Only The Strong Survive

When the pressure's on and you're all alone
Take a little ride into the danger zone
When the moon is high and the skies are clear
Just show me a sign and we'll be outa here
Take me up on a wing and a prayer
If you need a friend you know I'll be there

Hound dogs howlin' all through the night
Eight miles high and I'm doin' alright
Better move over 'cause you're goin' too slow
I feel the need for freedom now it's time to go

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain
Let your conscience be your guide 'til we meet again


Your time has come - you can stand our you can run
But don't keep it all inside
'Cause you gotta understand that there ain't no second chance
No one gets outa here alive
Only the strong survive

Tearin' it up goin' down the track
Gonna fly so high, I might never come back
If things get tough you can count me in
'Cause if you play the game you gotta play to win

Take me up where only angels can fly
If you need a helpin' hand I won't pass you by



Take me up on a wing and a prayer
If you need someone you know I'll be there


Only the strong survive
Well I'm doin' what I can
You gotta understand
Only the strong survive
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