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Bryan Adams - Let Him Know Songtext

Another day goes by
Still you wonder what happened
You'd give the world for one more try
But you're too shy to ask him
You don't wanna ask him now
I know your heart will pull you through
If he means that much to you -

Yeah you gotta let him know
Let him know that you love him
You gotta let him know

What can I say - it's up to you
You gotta make up your own mind
Well it's your life - it's up to you Cause you didn't believe me
You still don't believe me now
You're gonna see it's all comin' ture
That's why I'm leavin' it up to you

The news is out I guess you heard
I shouldn't breathe a single word
The bottom line is nothing's gonna stop you now - you gotta let him know...
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