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Bad Religion - No Control Songtext

Culture was the seed of proliferation
But it has gotten melded
Into an inharmonic whole, to an inharmonic whole
Consciousness has plagued us
And we cannot shake it
Though we think we're in control, though we think we're in control

Questions that besiege us ni life
Are testament of our helplessness
There's no vestige of beginning
No prospect of an end
When we will disintegrate it will all happen again

Time is so rock solid in the minds of the hoards
Explain why it should slip away, explain why it should slip away
History and future are the comforts of our curiosity
But here we are rooted in the present day
Rooted in the present day

If you came to conquer, you'll be king for a day
But you too will deteriorate and quickly fade away
And believe these words you hear
When you think your path is clear

We have no control
We do not understand
You have no control
You are not in command
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