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I grew up without a daddy, that's why I love y'all
I do anything for y'all
This for my son and my daughter, for my son and my daughter
Been through a lot of hard times, but I stayed on the grind
I swear to God I need every dime
For my son and my daughter, for my son and my daughter

When I was a kid I didn't go to Disney world
Sleeping on that dirt road in a poor world
Jugg up out that shit I'm doing shows around the world
I got two kids now, lil' boy and lil' girl
Take a trip to Florida
Have fun and don't be far
My phone dead don't need no charger
Because right now I'm being a father
My son he 8 with an iPhone
My daughter is just 2 and too grown
For a month I might not come home
On the road I'm rocking shows
I drape my kids in fly clothes
Y'all is who I grind for
We gon' take us a vacation when I get old

I was hustling and struggling, had my son with nothing
I was broke and disgusted, I was afraid of the public
I was a gamble-a-holic, I kept losing my money
Trapping out the rooming house I had to sleep with the junkies
Until I caught them charges
They had only made me smarter
I thought about my son and daughter
But I'mma jugg and work regardless
Pack y'all bags lets fly away
We ain't come back home for thirty days
We gon' ball everyday
Gonna buy my kids everything
Four thousand dollar earrings
My daughter my little princess
My lil' boy he so smart I think he the next president
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Young Scooter - My Kids
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