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You are dead Lyrics

You are so rediculous, in any way
You seem to know, otherwise you would have
Some kind of self-esteem
Nothing's right
There's nothing that could
Make you happy at all
You can't make sense of what I'm saying
This is much more than I can take
Everything's done
Than why don't you leave?
You're a liar, you're dead

Slipping away from the loving part
Of a gentle heart
You're trying hard to keep yourself on breathing
So may it be, life has printed stings on thee?
And you are yet not ready to break free?

Clean point of no return
This bed I'm upon starts to burn
You put me down to see yourself drown
This was unexpected
And the way you reacted could not afford
Any better termination than this

Crystal teardrops I recall
Can't imagine a more trivial way to fall
Instead of standing still,
I keep on climbing that hill
The words, they are still alive,
They simply try to dive

Oh so empty -
The weight upon your heart tears you apart
I want you to understand,
It's impossible for me to stand you
In this state of hate,
Creating this lonely kind of fate
I'm not the one to carry you through this
It's your decision to find bliss

There is someone to give it all away
You want this pain to stay
Just try to open your eyes
There is no more disguise
Open up your heart for a brandnew start

Love's all around you
You're about to find the clue

It's the way you live
You're not the one to give,
Not the one to heal
You're the one to feel abused, misused
You're the one to lose yourself
Lose yourself
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