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Trümmerwelten - Kill Me Songtext

Sucking consequences
Everything I do ends in disaster
Where do I stand in this fucking world?
Is this reality?
Getting lost in a world of shitheads
Selfishness rules this place
Forced to something I've never wanted
So we stand here,
At the edge of destruction

Smoking my last cigarette
Drinking my last beer
Cutting my last flesh
I am ready, kill me

Fighting for something that is already lost
I only laugh at my short-sighted view
Why couldn't I see that this world
Is already doomed?
No way to the light
Send me to my way to oblivion

I give in to this destruction
I have given up
In a labyrinth of extinction
The shred of my world lies in the dirt
The faith is all false
I doubt this society will survive
Rolling towards the end
With me at this point

Now I am a part of the decay
No chance to turn the tide
I wash away with the flood
Im Trend
Gülcan Kamps: Neues Körpergefühl
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Fiona Erdmann: Ehrliche Worte über das Mama-Sein

Album Digitaler Verfall (2005)

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