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Coffee Songtext

Grind me down on a beach in New Orleans
I'll never let you snore
Shake like a snake in a clutch of moon shiver
Sparkle like a capital floor
You and me get cough-y out to see
Any bone black we can find
Floating underground with your double sugar
Smackin' my mind
I got a pain in my mug
The rain drips and bombs
Never gonna fall into bed
I've gotta spit out some psalms
Like this one
Gonna fill the cups up
Break my habit I'll send you a-shimmer
Never gonna hiss me again
You and Joe dressed in a steam locomotive
You can be my only friends
It's been cool just shakin' with you
And walkin' in the streetwise light
Stumble in the back of my mid
We're stayin' cough-y all night
Nazan Eckes: „Ich fühle mich da auch mit gekränkt“
Vor 9 Stunden
Nazan Eckes: „Ich fühle mich da auch mit gekränkt“
Sarah Engels: Schock nach Sturz!
Vor 4 Stunden
Sarah Engels: Schock nach Sturz!

Album Another Sunny Afternoon (1997)

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Squirtgun - Coffee
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