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New Years Songtext

What would you say if I took you away? Hold out your hand darling. Don't be afraid.
No one is safe from the things that we crave. How would it be if we just sailed off into the night?
How can I open your eyes? Sometimes it's okay to cry.

I feel the sun coming down on my arms. It's warm. Who am I? Where am I?
What's with these stars falling down from the sky? We travel the world to know who we are.
I've found what I want, but it's always so far away.

Your ship's going down and there's no one around to hold out a hand and pick you up from the ground.
Hold on to me and I swear we won't drown. I'm lost but I've found all the answers I need in your eyes.
How can I help you tonight to see that it all heals in time? Somehow it all heals in time.

And now I stand here faced with the new fear. Nothing can save you from all of the things between us and the night.
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Rod - New Years
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