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You're Not Alone Lyrics

You can be a million miles away
I will always love you
You can be a thousand thoughts away
I'll be thinking of you

No matter where you try to hide
You will always gonna find me
Right where I belong
Been here beside you all along

Like some ancient star
Forever we'll remain

Even if the sky should ever fall from grace
If I die or fade away
In the end you'll always know
You're not alone

You can change your face to someone else
Still I won't forget you
When you're feeling lost inside yourself
I will come and get you

These days the only saviour you can find
Is something you believe in
Deep inside your heart
You might believe in me

Like some ancient star
Forever we'll remain


I know you got your fears and doubts
They're weighing on your mind
But something's gonna save you
You're gonna see the truth inside
I'll be right beside you
When the world tears apart
On your book like a shadow
No matter where you are

Like some ancient star
Forever we'll remain

You're not alone
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