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Forgiveness Street Lyrics


Richie Sambora - Forgiveness Street Songtext

Another moment of a lost conversation
A chance to understand, then passing us by
Careless words and a wounded situation
In our silence it's a struggle to survive
Please meet me on the other side
Don't be afraid to cross

On the corner of compassion,
shattered streetlight in the dark
When faith is lost and wandering
in your lover's heart
Drops of sidewalk desperation,
collected at your feet
An unlocked house is waiting,
at the end of Forgiveness Street

Faded polaroids of my regrets,
and my memories I never thought would last
In a box I kept them underneath my bed,
but the pain was running deeper than the past
It was supposed to stay unopened
That's where I got hurt


I found my way home to that
house of forgiveness street
Tired of carrying the pain
from dragging that cross
Someone stole all the signs
that led to forgiveness street
I'm broken inside, so here I am,
still standing all alone

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