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Downside of Love Lyrics


Richie Sambora - Downside of Love Songtext

There's a danger of getting so close to you
There comes a time when the walls fade away
And when love turns to bitter blue
Sometimes it feels like it's so hard to stay

Last night we went to bed angry
We didn't mean what we said
Seems we never get past forgiveness
We try to hide we never learn to swallow our pride

On the down side of love
Where the love turns to hate
e just can't relate
On the down side of love
When you're misunderstood
'Cause when it hurts you it hurts you so good

Baby life has no guarantee
Never knowing where love's gonna lead
Even though you're a part of me
We have to deal with our pain separately
Sometimes we both feel like victims
With no easy way out oh no, no
Somehow we stand by each other
When we're desperate, and drowning in the shadows of doubt


The times we share the tenderness
Are the times that keep us alive
You get in my face, you rough me up
But baby you know
Can't hurt me 'enough, to give you up
And make me let go, make me let go, oh no, no


Downside of love
Love's just a long, long road baby
Yes there's a down side of love
Stand by my side baby
When you're on the down side of love
No, no no
Downside of Love
'Cause it's a long, long road baby
Downside of Love
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