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Leonard Cohen - The Walls Songtext

(Written By Cohen, Performed In "Night Magic")

(Michael) It's late, it's very late
How did it get so late?

(Judy) What was it we were thinking of?

(Michael & Judy) We didn't want this,
Did we?

(Judy) There must be some mistake

(Michael) What was it I forgot to tell you?

(Judy) What was it I forgot?

There was a promise here
A child who knew me
A bitter bedtime story

(Michael & Judy) Another house of some forgotten family
It's very late
There must be some mistake
And now this place
For none

(Michael) There was a woman here
A woman who knew me
A table set before me

(Michael & Judy) It is the walls
It is the victory of the walls
It is the room
It is the distance of the room

(Michael) Without her...

(Judy) Without you.
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