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Sometimes when I am lonely
And I need some love and care
Sometimes I feel I only
Have to call and you'll be there
Sometimes I wake up in the morning
With my hair down in my eyes
Sometimes I can look at you
Then I don't and then I do
Sometimes I take exception
To the way we're criticized
Once it was because we had long hair
And now cause we've short back and sides
They never stop they always have to win
Ooh a parents reputation is based
Only on what the neighbours think

Sometimes you have the answer
Long before the questions put
Sometimes you are a dancer
Without moving either foot
Sometimes I get undressed for dinner
Stay up all hours of the night
Have my breakfast with my lunch
Well you know it can be fun

Sometimes you take a letter
And you post it in a box
You assume that It will get there
Even though the last you sent got lost
How tragic it would be if here and now
Ooh all optimism disappeared
Replaced by something less endowed

Sometimes I'm up in heaven
When you hold me in your arms
Sometimes I'm up at seven
To the sound of my alarm
Sometimes I read about the third world
And the hunger there you find
Sometimes love it can be blue

Red or green and yellow too
Sometimes love is in the air
It's a crazy world I swear
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Album Sounds Of The Loop (1996)

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