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Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why Lyrics


Gilbert o'Sullivan - Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why Songtext

Why is it you must be so very cruel to me
In order to me kind
Why when I hold you close do you insist your toes
Are being stood on by mine

Why when I kiss your lips do you astound me
Saying that you won't put your arms around me
No one should be that cold
Whatever i've done surely i've a right to know
Oh why, oh why, oh why

Why is it everytime we visit friends of mine
You never want to go
Why when i'm feeling good you act as if
I should be at an all time low

Why after all these years we've been together
Must you behave as if we'd hardly ever spoken
Let alone met
It seems that you're happy as long as i'm upset
Oh why, oh why, oh why

Is it that you don't love me oh why
Have you had enough of me oh why
Oh why, oh why, oh why
Do I have cry myself to sleep
Seven days a week

La la la la la la......

Why in the name of god are you so angry
Could it be that you can no longer stand me
Tell me and I will go
You're breaking my heart just in case you didn't know
Oh why, oh why, oh why
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