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Problem melden

Too Many Empty Nests Songtext

Wanted to show you
What I am now
What this means
I stripped off the costume
Lay down on you
Let you see
I stand naked before you
Pull you closer
As I breathe
I pour out religion
And pray you'll believe
This is my own truth
This is what I know
I've wrecked all my chances
I've splintered my bones
I followed a burning
That led to your door
I walked down a pathway
I have died on before

This is mine...
I tried to convince you
Of my weakness
Of my truth
Now this is so painful
This is lost here
This is you
And this is mine...
Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Jessica Paszka: Von schlaflosen Nächten überfordert
Ego likeness - Too Many Empty Nests
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