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Cry Just a Little Songtext

A heart out of affection, a night at the masquerade
You won some and you're lonesome
As the spotlight fades
Going forth pretending destination is at hand
When she's crying just a little just for me

I've seen them set off to the promised land
Escaping from the hurtings
They don't understand
A sense of satisfaction
On account of pristine tears
She's crying just a little more just like you

Why don't you cry, cry a little over me
Why don't you lie
Can't you tell me that I am hard to deny
Can't she see what I am going trough
Cry just a little for me
Oh girl a little for me

Afraid to give away what you keep inside
There's a ghost in your mirror
Every lonesome night
And those nights are getting colder
And your heart is a frozen wound
Don't you wonder who'll be there when you awake

Why don't you cry...
Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Sarah Connor will zurück auf die Bühne
Avantasia - Cry Just a Little
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