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Death's Not the End Songtext

In soft ground
Your body rests
But falseness of death
Won't lie to me
We'll meet again
Across the Rainbow
So it has been -
So it shall be

Your spirit's free of shackles of this world
Your memory still lives in our hearts
Goodbye my friend
You're far away now
And falseness of death
Is not for us

Beyond the skies
You rise from darkness
From dirt and lies
To the arms of gods
Goodbye, brave hero
Free of dishonor
And wait for us
In ancient lands

Our land is in blood
Our future is dark
But the day will come when Spring regains its Crown
And thousand voices sing along this Hymn

Goodbye our friend
It's not all over
And we believe:
Death's not the end
Death's not the end...
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Archontes - Death's Not the End
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