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Tell you a story about, uh, old black singer called Clarence
Frogman Henry. I wonder who remembers him, anybody at all?

"I don't know why I love you but I do," is what he sang, he sang
It very well indeed, it was great. I, I like frogs in general and
Clarence Frogman Henry is, is, is part of that.

And, uh, one, one day Clarence was appearing somewhere, I think
It was, uh, Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee. It was a long time ago,
About twenty years back. He was appearing at a club and his double
Was walking down the street attracting a lot of attention, because
His double, I mean, a lot of people knew Clarence Frogman Henry in
Memphis. And his double was walking down the street, and his
Double was in love with Audrey Hepburn, and by the sheerest
Coincidence, which I'm sure you won't believe, but it's true,
Audrey Hepburn's double was walking down the other side of the street.

And, uh, they reached a point opposite each other and it
Suddenly kind of flashed [snaps fingers] to both of them that,
Like, this was their lifelong love, because Audrey Hepburn's
Double was a Clarence Frogman Henry fan.

So what happened was that they ran into the center of this very
Wide road in Memphis and as they were clasping each other,
Two things happened simultaneously. One was that they both
Realized to their horror that it was neither of them, and the
Second was that they got run down by a, by a gold Cadillac driven
By a man in an Elvis Presley mask.

Now, the man in the Elvis Presley mask was actually G. Gordon
Liddy; this was early on in his career.
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