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Problem melden

Shadow Boxing Songtext

This life you rage against; you rage against the fury
It hits me like a sucker punch; everything gets blury
Give me an hour you say,; give me a minute and I'll make it right
You make it up as you go and I'm following you down again
Am I shadow boxing
Banging my head against the wall
You dance with your eyes closed and who was that fool I caught you with
I learned a lesson today
I'm not the one who took the fall, I've seen a million of you and I'm tired of looking back
I had no idea how harmful your kiss could be
Guess I had the roar of the crowd in my head
The pressure and tension have ruined the game for me
Should I be somewhere else instead
Just this close to giving up; just this close to living the desperate lie
Just this close to walking away; it's a punch drunkard's view of the fight
Blue steel in the cornerman's eyes; white line in a circle that never will end
I know your reference points and you're crazy if you think I'd change
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
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Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
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Visible Shivers - Shadow Boxing
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