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Problem melden

Miles left to ride Songtext

Outside in the fields
Cross the rows of the green leaves waist high
Feel the sun on your back
See the dirt under your feet begin to crack
But the sun is your friend
In a sky that rolls on without end
And the black smoke stacks rise
The cars will always pass you by
I cannot tell you the times that I failed you, imes that I lied
I'll not forget I cannot regret there's still too much time left, miles left to ride
So I drive
Radio song
Ten years old and two minutes too long
Yeah but don't touch that dial
It'll be out of range in awhile
And when you reach the next town
You can't help but notice the changes
Take up the stack
Tie it off and don't ever look back
Put your faith in the morning
Let it sing you to sleep in your night
Don't look over your shoulder
Everything here's gonna be alright
Five miles left to go
Cigarettes have taken their toll
But it seemed so far away
You never had the sense to be afraid
You planned it all out so well
You didn't count on the wide open spaces
Time better spent
No need to explain where it went
Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
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Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!
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Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!
Visible Shivers - Miles left to ride
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