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Bad News Songtext

Crossed another year off the ledger...youkeep getting younger day by day
Made a new resolution
Might as well throw my life away
We walk in different circles; you go to parties and I stay in the car
Could it be that I might be dying
Stuck back here where the coffins are
Talks to me when I am all alone
Making jokes at my expense
Never calls me on the telephone
Doesn't make a bit of sense
You've got a stranger in your bed
I keep the bad news in my head
Have I been making you nervous each time you wonder what I meant
You never follow direction
Unless you mark the way you went
How does it feel to face the real world when all your companions have left you behind
What will it take to face the morning when all of your fears are still locked in your mind
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Vor 2 Tagen
Wolfgang Petersen ist tot
Daniela Katzenberger: Sie stammt aus einer Zweckehe
Vor 2 Tagen
Daniela Katzenberger: Sie stammt aus einer Zweckehe
Visible Shivers - Bad News
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