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Crawl Songtext

Standing on your own two feet blatantly ignoring the calls in the dark
You been thrown your own piece of meat and the bones are piling inside your heart
Hey man I can take a hint I'm the kind of guy you don't have to tell twice
Your glory days came and went spit out the bones and take my advice
Time to learn how to crawl
Let it rattle inside your head letit shake around between your ears
Sometomes it's easier said that's why nothing ever gets done around here
Nothing gets done at all
You can turn it around I don't think they'll understand
Turn it all upside down itÄll slip right through your hands
Pretend that it's not there no one ever really wants you to know
They tell you what you want to hear and then they're gonna let you go
It's never too late to learn
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Visible Shivers - Crawl
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