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The Mordialloc Road Duplicator Songtext

I was born in the emergency lane
Of a 6-lane German autobahn
The opening of the first 8 lane fly-over
Was my old father's favourite yarn
I'd knew that I'd be, sooner or later
The famous Mordialloc Road duplicator.

From lower Springvale to the Frankston Freeway
Until you get to that bitumen stain
That runs between two road highways,
Happy people trapped in its invidious single lane.
If you're behind a truck or freighter
Say, "Thank god for the Mordialloc Road duplicator".

So I work for the RCA
I got big bulldozers and earth shifters
I dig all those cut away slopes
With 700 tonne capacity lifters
If you're interested in roadworks, see me later
I'm the Mordialloc Road duplicator

One day all the way to Portsea
It'll be all big divided freeways
There'll be turn offs to Tootgarook
Cranbourne, Frankston and Five Ways
The whole peninsula will be my crater
I'm the Mordialloc Road duplicator.

All you people on Christmas vacation
Here is the reason for jubilation:
There ain't no better road works in the nation
Than the Mordialloc Road duplication.
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TISM - The Mordialloc Road Duplicator
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