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'Don't Believe The Hype' Is Hype Songtext

Every skater I've ever met
Is a rat faced fucking git,
With their stupid ollie impossibles
Boardslide over hip;
There's a certain cock-sure arrogance
Only a skateboard can give:
They think the world's against them -
Thank fucking Christ it is.

Every crew member I've ever met
Seems to be turd.
How come it's the illiterate
That know every rapper's word?
Up behind the shelter sheds
Black consciousness goes wrong:
Malcolm X is from Run D.M.C.;
Martin Luther King, from a U.2 song.

Every teen fan I've ever met
Who claims not to believe the hype
Is full of self-righteousness
And downright fucking tripe.
They say how they hate the stuff
That's lectured by their father,
And then they swallow whole the guff
That's said about Nirvana.

Every adult I've ever met
That says kids' music alarms 'em
Forgets the most brainless turd of all
Is Johnny fucking Farnham.
Adult rock is a load of dung -
To paraphrase the Jesuit:
Give me the rock fan when young,
And I'll give you the adult idiot.

(So) Every kid dressed like Axle Rose -
A little sixteen year old wanker -
Underneath those rebel's clothes
Is a future merchant banker;
And every jumped up little prat
Wearing those working man's shoes
In ten years time is the person that
Watches the Channel 10 news.
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TISM - 'Don't Believe The Hype' Is Hype
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