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Work or Walk Songtext

Not too long ago I figured out how to explore
From laying on the floor I got up, opened the door
You can get your hopes high but in time they'd just want more
I can blame a raindrop or stand naked in the storm
From, young and full of answers to old and no more questions
The road's ahead of me and I'm the one with the direction for
The slow dance is always shorter on the way back
From the top of the world, to a needle in a haystack
I play back images, memories, innocence
Everything that makes me feel like I can be a kid again
Perfection died in my head when I just let it go
Connection, why take the chance?
Guess I'll never know

No, never I'll be the go-getter while these flaws try to draw a few more better smiles
Standing on top of this low level housing
I'd probably jump if I thought it's gonna crowd please
Stars fall farthest
Wise up, you shouldn't get
A small target, my luck I wouldn't hit
I'm looking for the good, where'd you put it?
Underneath the footprints, the ones that I push with it
Kinda like forgetting how to ride a bike
When your life is designed on the past you tryna fight
Somewhere between flying a kite and high on a pipe
I'm burning this inflammable rope with a pilot light

K: I gotta work, work where the weather permits
The only opportunity I'm ever gonna get
S: What's it worth?
K: That depends on what you measure it with
S: May you learn another lesson that you never forget

K: I gotta search, search for whatever it is
The only opportunity I'm ever gonna get
S: Does it hurt?
K: That depends on what you measure it with
S: May you learn another lesson that you never forget

Do you realize what you're capable of if you quit taking those drugs?
Leave it or take it as love
Wake the fuck up
It's a hard enough time tryna make it out without another stranger to trust
See, not too long ago before I finally got the good news
You can always press record but you can never click undo it
Made me think, I guess I have to plan before I sink into the sand
Because in a blink I could lose everything
So what more can I say?
Yesterday is history and I'll be born today
And with the guidance from my friends and the support from those I hold dear
Find me on the other side of the fence when the smoke clears

You can't fall asleep with the monkey on your back
You can't look forward when you're staring in the past
You can't feel alive unless you die through your head
And if it raps this way I clap the world back

It's that bad moon darkness waiting on the harvest
Back in the past, threw karma from my carpet
Break the harness
Escape from the sharks, just to argue about who's pavement was the hardest
This narcissistic heart skips but it's harmless so let's get this pity party started
Survive the suicide, hanging from the armrest
I'm tryna stay smart and sharpen up the dart tips
I gotta play my part 'til I'm departed
Put your finger in my carcass on the inside of the margins
Plant my soul in your yard and grow a garden
Spill a little bit of ink there to mark it
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Slug - Work or Walk
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