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Problem melden

The Masterplan Songtext

Hey Fellas listen up cause I'm down with you right here
Got some answers to the question bout the masterplan REF
I've come a long way baby I know people's fears
Guess you better stop, listen, as I take this stand

I had enough man, really I was smashed and grounded
No matter what I tried darkness me surrounded
I been down like never before and nobody cared
You made me rise again of nothin' I'm any longer scared
And some will say I'm a stranger I'm a jabber I'm a blind
Some will say I'm a loser cause I failed to fall in line
Some will say my mind's gone and no longer here
But those who say so much are the last ones I fear
I got enough of the talks that he soon will come
Cause people believe this since this story begun
In a land, holy enough for the birth of the one
And where right now weapon dealers would have serious fun
Many people think it couldn't come any worse
But it's always been and always will cause that's the curse
Of mankind that we're running for what for what
And we're running on other people until we got
What we wanted, what we wanted, just to have it done
And to realize we were driven and it was no fun
And noone ain't got the rights to condemn my pledgin'
Cause I stuffed my head in a way they can hardly imagine
You know I'm not of the kind to talk before I'm certain
I'm wise enough man, but it's time I see people hurtin'
Cause what I tell is not sprung from someone elses mind
The way I just grabbed it up turned it round and say fine, really fine
It's a wonder that after all this years of peoples talks
I'm still in the biz with him, and sometimes I mess with him
More than you do, then you and any other,
But if it comes hard on hard I never gotta bother


Don't you tell me there's a large gap between me and you
I been finished and I made it and you can make it too
And don't you expect you could be flashed by this simple rhyme
There's a long way to go brother look at mine
You don't need to tell me there's nothing allright
I got two eyes and a brain I saw people all day and all night
I saw them fellas sittin in the church on sunday
I saw them kickin his words about by monday
I know the way special units work and the armed forces
And I bet my ass you can't gun down the causes
For wars : blindness, greed for power
Though they're trapped in their net of lies deeper every hour
You know, like this we're never gonna get far
Those who wanna gain claim, the upright watch from afar
Hey, if you ever hear this in stereo and dolby surround
Its a proof for his work and the secrets I found
Cause I never would have made it out of my room
But it's hard to keep quiet, and make no sound
When you're surrounded by the works of evil
In bloom
You know I've really seen the world been to many places
Everywhere the same problems no matter which country and races
I know what they search and need and they don't
I found it out and it's not fair but clear that they won't
But see, man, you should have heard this before you lay forever
If I can't do it through my tunes I can't do it in any other way, whatever


I thought it'll be so simple to set some minds free
But there was petra there was dctalk there is p.o.d.
The world's still spinnin'round but not the way it should be
And after september last year everyone is agree
That right now only love and love can save us
And still I can't stand what you call love
And ask you who gave us and gives us something
That allows us to give
You can only give like this when you got power to live
You know, love is allright, but where does it come from
What's the secret of those people and that they're so strong
But I don't wanna sing about love anymore
Cause no other word been dragged into the mud so frequently before
And if you don't like this one, ban it from your head
Like you never would have heard,
Cause it ain't no wonder to me that it sounds to you absurd
But if you got enough of the lies , fight your disguise, live like a wise ,if you wanna rise
He's the man , word

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