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One More Song Songtext

I could write a song about people who have eyes but cannot see,
Complain about the little kids who watch too much TV
Could write about some skinheads who make much angry sound
Who don't like the coloured man with his black family around
Could write about the traffic jams, or the new economy
Tell all the people that sometimes my surfboard sets me free

But if my life was over REF
And one thing left to do
I'd just want you to know
That you need god
And he loves you

I could write another peace song, and a second about war
Or that little piece of freedom everyone is looking for
I could write another love song like all the people do
And use the well-known sentences like:"this time it is true!"
Or I could try to write a song to be played on the radio
I'd choose some words that make no sense, if I would try to do so


I could tell that on fancy parties the host wants me to please me
But all those conceited people make me feel uneasy
And twice a week I'm in the mood to cry out, that my family
Is not a strong support and just a burden that I carry
I could write about politicians who think that corruption's funny
Who keep on rising taxes while they don't need to count their money


I could write about unemployment, 'bout poverty or crime
That the third world's going under while we are doin'fine
About the bomb last week in Israel that killed another mother
That people listen to, go home, and argue with their brother
'Could write about free enterprise and nature that we spoil
That we've become too lazy and are wasting too much oil
Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
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Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim
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Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim
Slam to Fakie - One More Song
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