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Problem melden

Justice? Songtext

Since this day in september in 2001
The whole world will never be as one
A nation staring shocked on a TV screen
A whole town , tumblin'down I had never seen

I was shocked, I sat down, was a little terrified
I was worried that now every turban-headed had to hide
Now I felt for the Americans that I used to accuse
This ferocious act was able to blow a good man's fuse

So let's punish for this cruelty, the lord is on our side
We're gonna track the terrorists that still manage to hide
Mr.Bush keeps on confirming in the moment of his life:
The good guys fight the bad guys and justice will survive

But the strange thing is that both sides claim to do their job with god
The army calls it justice, the taliban djihad
Anybody please tell me who is wrong and who is right
I tend to say we should invade afghanistan and fight

But who on this planet cared 'bout sons of allah's fears?
'bout the nameless deads of civil war in the past 20 years?
Who gave them arms and money to battle the red star?
Bazookas, guns and hand grenades to fight U.S.S.R.?

Who wants to erect this pipeline through afghan soil?
Who supported local battles to make money out of oil?
Who made profit on the weapons for this horrifying scene?
Who preferred to look away and not to intervene?
Who fabricated mines for land that children play upon?
Who is now allowed to say what is right and what is wrong?
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Slam to Fakie - Justice?
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