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Violence is golden Songtext

Violence is golden

I hope you're paying attention
Cause the entertaining part ended years ago
Talk was then ? this is now
Violence is golden let me show you how


If hardcore's just a game to you
Why are you taken by surprise?
You had it comin? all along
Now it's time to pay the price


Which part of ?fuck off? don't you understand?
The whole scene went down
Since you reached the upper hand
You never questioned anything
Confirmed to make you cool
This time it's different
As tables turn your limbs turn too
I don't care what was your first intention
You don't know shit what it really means
There's no redemption in sight
Like no other i'll strike you hard
Make sure you'll get what you deserve
For your disgusting part

Do you really think
Someone will miss you when you're gone
You should be grateful to walk away
You didn't belong here from day one

So it's.. ashes to ashes
Dirt to dirt
Violence is golden... sometimes
To let your voice be heard
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Rykers - Violence is golden
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