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Ground Zero Songtext

Ground zero

Sheltered in the comfort of strangers
Searching for something that was never there
As another holding hand slowly slips away
Words become useless
Feelings too strong to contain
So I reanimate ? take the hands from my face
Accept what's taken is never renewed
Recall that some thing's can't be replaced
Nothing ? in life ? comes without ist price
But theres more to it than I have known before
Alienated ? deserted
Destination unsecure

At the edge of my surrender
At the ruins of my life
At the framework of conception
At the thereshold to redemption and strife

Ground zero ? the point of no return
Ground zero ? ignition to reconsider and learn

Cleansed of all impurity
I look ahead in the grip of the past
Clutch what's left and start to recreate
Draw my own conclusions try to make it last
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Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim
Rykers - Ground Zero
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