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A dream gone bad Songtext

A dream gone bad

Life's lesson has tought me well... so well
For each step forward
Another recept slowly fell
I know there must be a reason
Why things happen the way they do
Why destiny took this turn
But the common conviction
Of what hardcore should be
... I refuse to learn

... a dream gone bad

Third hand rehearsed commitments
A prepackaged rebellion's what they scream along
Tied to the tongues of self-professed saviours
Shallow enlightenment when the words are wrong

...a dream gone bad

Hollow and bloodless

The time is ripe for you and I to evaluate
The cause for this state of shock
Before revival comes too late
I won't step aside
And silently bury the dreamsof you and i
Leave it all behind
And for sure won't watch it die

We hold justice in the palm of our hands
While those around us perform their best
To put the last nail in the coffin
And lay the movement
To a dishonourable rest
No matter what's the outcome
I'd rather fight than switch
File me under old or obsolete
I couldn't care less which
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