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You feel as low as ever
All coolness went astray
The world doesn't look brighter
Addiction provides the downhill way
Your shiny kingdom's dying
Fading from snowwhite to grey
No recess in the school of life
For a major fuck-up lost in disarray

Seeds of my disgust are growing
It's constantly worsening gram by gram
You throw your life away on a stupid drug
Only want to have the best of times
But your options are wearing thin
When you sell out your friends and family
For another line of luck

And if we could only change perception
You may realize what you have done
To yourself and those around you
For whom you're not just anyone
If ain't easy to help that someone
When you can see the strings of doubt
If only they weren't attached to so many
I still care about

Your life's a sick joke and you'll die laughing
On the cost of others you're getting high
To call it quits just an addict's promise
That falls on hollow ears it's no wonder why!

The king of the razorblade
Has lost his stupid crown
Grabbing for straws of pity
On his own way down... to the ground

If I didn't believe in you
I wouldn't give a fuck
If you?d sniff your life away
Or just decay the other day
Leni wird 17: Mama Heidi Klum findet rührende Worte für ihre älteste Tochter
Vor 2 Tagen
Leni wird 17: Mama Heidi Klum findet rührende Worte für ihre älteste Tochter
Olivia Jones: Ihr Vater war ein Bankräuber
Vor 1 Stunde
Olivia Jones: Ihr Vater war ein Bankräuber

Album Life's a Gamble... (...So Is Death!) (1999)

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