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I just couldn't believe it, when I turned on
The radio, try to run, try to hide, try to keep it inside,
They were playin' that song
And I thought about her
Snoop doggy dog, snoop doggy dog
So much trouble in the LBC
Livin' without her's gonna drive me crazy...she's so.
Don't you just wanna kill me, cause you're talkin'
Behind my back, well I love the band. they're a
Great bunch of guys, but lookin' at her brings
Tears to my eyes, i'm watchin' her shake
She gonna give a heart attack now, baby
Snoop doggy dog, snoop doggy dog
Maybe I don't want her back, you know?
Maybe I just can't let her go...i'm so.
Well i, turn the radio off...
I don't want no part, try to make me a big star?
I don't wanna be a big star.
Everybody's mad they wanna kick me in the head
Was it somethin' I did, was it somethin' I said?
I would try to tell you but I just don't wanna lie
It really shouldn't matter but it makes me wanna
Cry, I wish I didn't care, I wish I didn't care...
But I do. snoop doggy dog (she said) snoop doggy dog
Please don't tell me it'll be ok cause I know
I'll never never never get my way...
And so.
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Album Turn the Radio Off (1996)

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