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Q Strange - Sinphony of Sick Songtext

Verse 1
Makin precision incisions, with it this talent Im givin
Didnt know how to keep livin so I just started the killin
Sick in the head when Im sinnin ILLin infectin Im stickin
My knife in you and I'm grinnin sittin and thinkin of quitin
But I continue my mission listen to voices here within
Sayin its just the beginning dont know whats really pretendin
Its hard to decide when the mind is divided and hided
From the reality battleing the evilness inside of me
My mind is it dieing, Im crying Im trying not to lose it
Confusing abusing Im bruising your skull until its oozin
Im choosin my weapon Im gettin Im settin
Im lettin aggresion set in and then it just headin to my nerve endin's
Awww, cant take the pain no more
Stain the floor with blood guts and crazy gore
Waiting for the day god repays me for
All the sinful things I did that he hates me for Uh

Verse 2

This disease has me blinded and I cant see the light
Live in darkness while my sanity continues to fight
With little bit I have left I use it to blend
With this fucked up society that lied to me again
I have a hatred for the world I cant describe
I've strive to stay alive but its hard to survive
Darken my eyes from all the insomnia I suffer
Cant sleep for weeks and it keeps gettin tougher
The more I dont rest the more Im gettin depressed
And obsessed with the sight of another persons death
I regret what I did and its just too late
I even ate human steaks and eyeballs like grapes
Its a big mistake, but the mind knows know boundaries
Its been years and still the police never found me
Astounding with technology and forensics
And experts and people who have these sixth senses
I guess it's depression that I have Gods blessin
If he wanted me to stop I would've seen some detectives
Decrepid, Decayed, Morbid my brain
Its all them things and its rotting away
And starting today, Im gonna try and stop all the killing
Aw, who'm I kiddin? Its only the beginning
I like to cuttem open and see what makes them tick
And rhyme about it like this cuz it makes you sick

Verse 3

My sinphony, conjures up images of misery
Picture thee crime scene photos of the grisley
Ax I portray on a day to day
I came to say, I wont stop till this pains away
My brains decayed, and eating at my thoughts I can feel it
Theres a rat inside my head knawing at my spirit
I can hear it, chewing on my cerebral cortex
Crawling its way tryne to 'scape outta my forehead
Your all dead, zombies try to walk amoung the living
As Im sitting theres a choir in my mind and its singing
An orchestra of madness, sinphony of sickness
Philharmonic killness, Nirvana when I feel this
Melodic and I feel bliss, Skitzophrenic realness
Im unstoppable horrible and Im fearless
My lyrics are a cry for help cant you hear this
Im a danger to society and Im careless
A tickin time bomb just waitin to detonate
So get it straight, I dont rap about my jewelry and escalade
Im swept away by the evil that some how got into me
Years from now you'll see its pathetic in my sinphony
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